How Apartheid Created Xenophobia in South Africa

After white imperialists stole South Africa they created apartheid, a system of discrimination based on race. But now the apartheid government went a step further and segregated Africans based on their tribes within the townships(Townships being a euphemism for concentration camps).

In South Africa we have a number of diverse African tribes with cultures which do not differ exceedingly. Take away that and the difference in languages and there’s not much difference to spot between two South Africans.

During the crafting of the clinical evil that is apartheid, Verwoed was aware of the unity which would have developed if Africans were housed together within the townships without having us segregated according to our indigenous tribes.

This form of segregation kept us isolated from each other, with that the language barrier became stronger. With us focusing on our differences as diverse Africans, tribalism became stronger and hostility inevitably grew.

The xenophobia between South African tribes did not reach a violent point during apartheid. However, after apartheid we saw how cooked the scorn we have towards our fellow Africans is when South Africans took to the streets and brutally murdered hundreds of our African brothers and sisters we had labelled ‘foreigners.’

These xenophobic attacks which happened in all South African townships stem from the hostile tribalism which was bred under the apartheid regime. The resentment we have towards each other is still rife and will take us nowhere, instead it keeps our focus away from the people who came and stole Africa from us, it keeps our focus away from the whites exploiting us.
***The violent murders which happened during the xenophobic attacks are an atrocity. What I’ve written here does not serve the purpose of giving an excuse for the acts but to shine light on where this barbaric nature stems from: white supremacists.



by Lucky Magudulela.